The Consequences Of Indulging In Sin


I am sin,
and i don’t live beyond the surface of your skins,
i am she who makes you unsatisfied,
very unsatisfied to the cravings of your ever-demanding will!!
I am sin who tells you “bow and inner peace will be your gain!”
i am sin whom you drink and get so high at one moment and at another you cry for everlasting comfort when you discover i left you hanging alone at night when you awoke!

i am sin! i am the darkness beneath the cold
telling you to slip through the many blankets of the night
so as to put an end to innocent lives,
i am the anger breaking the chords of your heart,
closing the doors of your blessings
and shutting the many opportunities that are your right!

i am the little pin you crave for,
the suicidal bomb you die for,
the tasty-white powder you long for,
the white stick you beg for
so as to keep you going for a night
not minding whether i deduct some pages of your life one after the other
till it comes to a halt like the writers scribble that ends with a fullstop!

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i am the still voice that says:
“pick up a rope; hang! nothing worth about life!”
and so from thereon,
when your body lies beneath the earth
and your spirit goes to its place of condemn,
you’ll discover that i was jealous about your progress
cos if you had left,
you’ll run away to GOD and never return
like the others who ran and kept
his commands,
guarded his teachings as the apple of their eyes,
bound them on their fingers
whether at twilight, or when day was fading or as the dark of the night set in– they were fervent!when they left, they didn’t die,
their bodies only fell apart like the separation of oil from water,
their body wasn’t them;
their body was more or less a vehicle that carried who they really were
and so when they crashed into another vehicle called death,
they jumped out of their bodies into life
while you squeeze in the coven of eternal darkness
and weep your days out
never to see a sight of me again!!

I am SIN,
Death is the down payment for mingling with me!!

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God bless you  for reading.

*** written by Zahabmenorah Akwang

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