Be Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind (Part 1)

The Holy Bible says in Ephesians 4:23 “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind”.

This is the pivot of our meditation today as we trust God for His Spirit to bring to us His heavenly understanding on this kingdom awareness.

Before i proceed, let me start by sharing a thought of God’s creation with us from Genesis 1:1

kindly permit me here to put a little twist: In the beginning God made the heavens and the Earth, and the earth was good (for anything that God makes is perfect), the earth was with form and was not void but something happened and the earth became without form and void and God began to move again. Halleluyah!

That is why every time we gather, the Spirit of God begins to hover again, so God can speak and make input into our lives. Glory be to God.

One of the things I believe that God is doing at this time is, awakening us from the slumber of religion, to the reality of our time (the end of age). We have gotten so used to some of the things we hear, that we can no longer understand or accept what God is telling us, though from time to time, it is true to say, we do get a measure of faith and we respond.

I make bold to say that a lot of  words that are going forth around us are actually words of  programmers. Let me explain, take a computer virus for instance, the virus is a command, it’s prepared to enter your computer and when it does, it reprogrammes everything in the computer. That is the same way the thief cometh to kill, steal and destroy. The whole world system is designed to send programmes into your soul. The things you see with your eyes, and hear with your ears are all designed to send a programme. Every thought of God for you, is embedded in the word that is preached to you.

When God says, let us make man, it was by the spoken word that  man was  made. Sometimes, we need to be reminded of these thoughts, lest we get “too used to fellowship/ church”.

When a man goes into surgery for the removal of a growth. You expect the growth to be taken away and removed. That is the expectation. How would you feel if you where to come out of the theatre and the growth is still there, that is the same way we should feel when we come into the presence of the word of God and go out the same. It should be a great cause for concern, because we are supposed to be changed by the word. Friends, we are dealing with Spirit, God is a Spirit, and when His word comes around, it has an intent. David described the word as rain that comes down from heaven, it will not return void.

When Jesus prayed  in  John  17. He was giving a report back to heaven, he said

“this people you gave to me, I have also given them your word. He prophesied and declared by faith,” I have lost none, except the son of perdition, because I gave them your word”.

Beloved do not get too used to the word of God. Don’t get too used to the preaching,  do not get too used to hearing, do not get too used to sitting in fellowship, always have consciousness that the word of God that is sent has a purpose to fulfill in you.

 Also know that other words have intent too. When a man is speaking on Television, the word he is speaking is programmed to do something.

Sometimes, people listen to the wrong people without understanding what is happening. The enemy has raised up an army at this time. Some of them are sports men, some actors/actress, some politicians, some philosophers, some musicians. These men are his mouth piece, it was with such men that the enemy changed the thought process of humanity. At a time a thought like, “God made the heavens and the earth” was an accepted thought, no one challenged it, but a time came, when certain men began to rise up and began to propound other theories.

They said “man should be free to reason things for themselves”, humanity began to open up to such ideas and thoughts and with those thinking came in, every other deprivation, pollution and corruption that we have with us today. Right now, we are in the peak of free thinking, man is not just saying that he is free to think but that he saying that he is free “to do anything that seems good to him to do”….Suddenly, the people with the right thoughts are in a minority, not just are a minority but we are afraid to express God’s thoughts and ways.

Hear this we are living in a very dangerous age were Man has turned the glory of God to something else in order to gratify their heart desire. Please you can read up the continuation of “ Be Renewed In The  Spirit Of  Your Mind” by tomorrow as we await the Lord’s mind to be made more revelation from His Presence.

God bless you.

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