“Be the David – Go after Your Goliath

"Be the David - Go after the Goliath (Walk with distinction)".

Beloved, a time has come for us to go after every Goliath harassing  our lives daily and bring a stand still to all his noise and boasting. Let’s proceed on our meditation with the following scripture.

“And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.” (1 Samuel 17: 4).

There were several soldiers in the camp of Israel who came to fight against the Philistines; David’s brothers were among the soldiers; Saul was in the battle field. There were several men in the battle field, several of whom may have joined in fighting when Goliath was not talking. Several of them probably made efforts.

Among the multitude of soldiers that came to fight, David ended up killing Goliath and walking into distinction. David killed Goliath, he solved the biggest challenge before the army, and he entered in the folklore of Israel permanently. Distinction in that battle was not about how many soldiers that fought; it was about who killed the giant.

Friend, if you desire to walk in distinction, then be a giant killer. Kill the ‘Goliath’ that is troubling your generation; surmount the challenges that others are scared to deal with; handle the assignments that others are scared to handle; bring strategic solutions to the table; instead of being a mere analyst, describing the ‘Goliaths’ of this world, be the one that will slay the ‘Goliaths’. Go for excellence and walk away from mediocrity.

David did not need to kill two men in the war front, he only killed Goliath, and the women sang that he has killed his tens of thousands. David became an instant hit because he slew the giant. If you dare to slay the giants around you, you will be an instant hit like David. Don’t be counted among the analysts who have the details of Goliath; be counted among those who slay the ‘Goliaths’ of this world.

David could fight this battle because he had nothing to prove and nothing to lose. It’s not that David didn’t realize what was at stake in fighting Goliath. I’m sure he knew that one wrong move could cost him his life. He was probably very nervous when he was walking down the hill and noticing that this giant just kept getting bigger and bigger. But what was Goliath doing? He was making a disgrace of God and His people, and David would not stand for that.

You see, David didn’t go to the valley expecting a battle. The reason he went was because he was sent by his father to check up on his brothers who were soldiers in the army. David more than likely had no idea who Goliath even was. But that’s the way it is with giants that we battle. We never expect them, they just show up. David fought with nothing to prove and nothing to lose. Too often, we fight our giants with everything to prove and everything to lose, and we get so caught up in the battle that we don’t see beyond ourselves. But we must remember that God is bigger than our problems; God is bigger than our giants; God is where we need to look when we are heading to battle.

Declare With Me: I choose to be a giant slayer; I will surmount every ‘Goliath’ in my destiny, in Jesus’ name!


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