Be Valiant For The Truth (The New Testament Examples Part 2)

Great Deception of Pulpit Ministry

I must say a very big thank you to all my numerous readers for frequently viewing to read the reveal word of God at the close of this age. As you read do well to share to your friends and also let us know your mind concerning our articles as we promise to bring God’s mind to you daily as the teaching proceed. Acts 6; 7:51-60   is going to be our scripture  references as we progress in our study of being  bold for the truth.

Today we are considering another New Testament example on the account of the first Christian martyr who stood head high for the truth. Stephen is first mentioned in Acts of the Apostles as one of the seven deacons appointed by the Apostles to distribute food and charitable aid to poorer members of the community in the early church. Stephen testified of the truth so boldly that wicked men stoned him to death.

He was stoned to death because he stood for the truth. Religious people of his days killed him because he spoke of the emptiness of their religion. They got mad at him when he challenged their hypocritical lives. He said that they lived by the traditions of men; they never obeyed the law but boasted about Moses who gave them the law. They did not see Jesus as the one Mosaic law pointed to.

Stephen tried to point them to the light. Nobody can kill the truth, it lives on and speaks for itself. They stoned Stephen to death. I believe it was not even Stephen they stoned. You see! When you stand up for the truth, the spirit of God fills your life, so much that what people do, would not affect you anymore.

That was why many people of God smiled when they were being burnt alive. God was in control then. He will still be in control of your now and that of  tomorrow. In John 6:60-66, Jesus was deserted by religious multitudes after he told them the truth. When preachers give open invitations by spreading their hands saying ‘everybody is welcome, (to the court of mixture) the Lord is here, the Lord will bless you, it does not matter who you are Jesus died for sinners, you are a visitor to this place once, after today you are one of us’ I tell you, they gather men like a fisherman who throws his dragnet to the sea.

Jesus began by saying if you are heavy laden come to me and I will give you rest. Then they started trooping in their thousands- three, four and five thousands singing Hosanna hallelujah Amen. They just religiously gathered for food. Knowing this, Jesus said, ‘you are not looking for me because of the truth; do not labour for that which perishes’ many people are labouring for that which perishes. Their pastors promised them, they would pray for them to prosper.  You need a land? We would pray, you will get a land’ they promised. Labour not for that which perishes. When Jesus announce’ I am the bread of life, except you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you’ they said he was a wizard. People are warned to be careful of the called out ones.’ If you are going to this people, be careful; they have something good but there is poison inside” they advise.  “Do you know that man that has been giving us miracle food?

That Jesus? He had poison he has been hiding.  He now wants us to begin to eat His flesh and drink His blood. Hmm! Na wa o”, the Jews gossiped.  So the Pharisees went back; the 3,000, the 4,000 and the 5,000 people all went back. Guess what became of the 70? They all went back.  Jesus says “if any man draws back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him”.  When a man turns his back to the truth because he considers it hard, he goes backward into darkness.  Do not think the easiest way is to opt for model and satellite churches for licentious living.  I pray you do not go back to your vomit.

As Jesus shared the truth they said it was a hard saying, who could hear it, and from that day many of his disciples walked no more with Him.  They went back to dead synagogues.  Jesus did not force anybody to walk with him.  He gave them option to either follow or go away.  He is till saying the same thing today.  If there is anyone who is being forced, who is being  coarsed  by somebody and is not readily willing to part with the evils of dead and worldly congregations to hold on to the truth, the exit door is wide open for you.  God knows those who are His.  A man may gather thousands of religious fans, but God chooses His fire-brand people.  Gideon gathered 32,000 people most of whom were full of fear-fear of what they would eat, what would happen to them, to their families.

They were afraid of what people especially their relations would say.  Indeed God showed him that he did not have 32,000 overcomers; or Christians; or prayer warriors.  He told Gideon to step aside for Him to choose His men for him and at the end of the exercise; he was left with just 300 people, tried, tested and trusted by God. Just only 300 Christians out of a congregation of 32,000 worshippers.  You see? Tell somebody who has 5,000 worshippers in his church that he does not have up to 100 people that are really God’s people, and see if he would not curse you and tell you that, that is heresy.  God says the way is broad, that leads to destruction.  There are so many people that follow that way while the other one is narrow and there are few that find it.  Up till now it has not been widened.  It is still narrow.  Preachers have widened most religious ways to accommodate everyone that comes, but God has no need to widen that one that leads to life.  You see? What you need is Jesus Christ to reveal to you this narrow way that leads to life.

The Lord bless you. Shalom!


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