The church is warned on several passages of the scripture not to play ignorance to the facts around her. When the bible warns of ignorance, it then means that a lot of people are already ignorant. They are only being asked to stop it if they do not want the enemy to capitalize on their ignorance to destroy them. This partly was the reason the Lord included in the gifts of the spirit—-1 cor.12:10. This is to help the church people   discern the spirits working within and around whether they are of God or of Satan, the enemy of God. In fact, Apostle JOHN urges us to test or try the spirits whether they are of God or the devil——1 John 4:1. The best way to test or try the spirits that is working in a person is by the kind of fruit he bears. The bible says it clearly that by their fruit ye shall know them (Matt.7:16-20) the fruit test is very effective. Jesus used the test very often. At one occasion when he was teaching in one of the synagogues, he discerned that a woman, a daughter of Abraham who had suffered of infirmity for 18 years, was bound by Satan. He ‘loosed her. ACTs 10:38 tells us that all the people who received healing in the ministry of Jesus were oppressed by the devil. it did not say they were possessed but oppressed of the devil. Paul was quick to discern that the damsel who was following them singing church song everyday was possessed of the spirit of divination—Acts 16:16. Peter also knew that Simon the sorcerer who had already been baptized in water and taken in as church member had a wrong spirit in his heart—Acts 8:21. Various spirits have their outward expressions through their victims. They are spirits- they have no bodies; they express their activities through human bodies. For instance the spirit of fornication cannot express himself unless he uses a human being to do so. When he sits over the mind of that person, he becomes crazy about it, and as long as that spirit remains in his mind, no matter how good and strong he may be in other areas of his life, he remains sexually weak. He will commit the same sin over and again and will repent several times a day. The same holds of one having the spirit of anger. No matter how he comports himself, he will surely lose his temper in a place where he did not want to. Now think of other numerous spirits that express themselves through lust, pride, fear, drunkenness, vexation, lying sadness, etc. Act 10:38. Reveals that the devil is behind your problems because all the people Jesus healed were oppressed by him. These spirits are behind your eating in dreams with dead ancestors, swimming with snakes and mammy water, marrying and having life partner in the spirit world. They are behind your sexual activities and having children in the spirit world. They are behind sickness and disease, poverty and lack. The scripture teaches that God will not withhold any good thing from those that love him (Ps84:11). To fulfill this promise, he anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good (Acts 10:38). Can this same God who sent Jesus to heal all turn again to inflict hurts on you? No. you should be able now to discern the hand of the devil in your hurts, your lacks, your deprivations, your sicknesses, your divided and peace less homes. It is time you stop playing ignorance of the source of your problems. It is time you stop accusing your wife, husband or other people (Gen. 3:1-13) Satan is the source.  In the parable of the farmer who planted good seed in his farm and went home only to return later to detect the presence of tares, the farmer was quick to discern that it  was the handwork of the enemy (Matthew 13:24-30). He did not play ignorance or think that was how God wanted it. He knew the enemy had done it. That prepared him to know where to direct his fight and not to fight like one beating the air (1Cor. 9:26)’for we wrestles not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places’ —Eph. 6:12. Daniel’s prayer was hindered by Satan for twenty one days even though God gave the answer from the first day (Dan. 10:10-13) the fact is clear. Whether you know it or not is not the issue. You are constantly on warfare with the devil. God knowing fully well that you cannot do it by your strength (because you are not a match to the devil),provides you with all the whole spiritual armour, and asks you to be strong in Him and in the power of His mighty (Eph.6:10-18). What is destroying you is not the lack of how to win the battle, but ignorance of who your enemy is. No wonder he said in Hosea 4:6 that

“my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

But thank God I am telling you the truth now. Now that you are knowing the truth, walk in it and the truth shall make you free (JOHN 8:32). YOUR FREEDOM IS NOW!. Remain bless.

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