When the sons of God  begins to manifest upon the face of the earth, extra-ordinary things will take place, more people will come to Christ and salvation of souls will be great in the land. The out pouring of the Holy Spirit will supersede that of Pentecost.  As the new age dawns set in, every village, town, and city in every nation will be visited by the manifestation of the glory of God through His sons.   Every living person will encounter the power of God!  The knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth, and many entire nations will be converted to Him.  As strange and impossible as it may seem today, the state of Israel and other country like Saudi Arabia,Iraq,Russia and the likes who know not the LORD JESUS will be among the first to be transformed by the power of Christ!  That is the clear word that God has spoken in my spirit.  The magnitude of this sonship ministry cannot be measured by anything that has been before.  Even nature itself will be infused with life and transformation as creation begins to be released from the bondage of corruption.   These results will be obtained without church meetings, revival crusades, healing campaigns, deliverance services, television programs, outreaches, missionary projects, literature distribution, or any of the methods, teachings, and programs of the church systems.  This ministry will not stand in the wisdom of men’s words, but in supernatural power and unparalleled demonstrations of the Holy Spirit.

 The sons of God will walk in unlimited power and authority.  Men will no longer look back wistfully at the early church and historic moves of God because of the exploits of those days, beseeching God to “do it again.”  All will recognize that He certainly has saved the best wine for last! (John 2:10). The most glorious times in the world’s history lie just before us.

The magnitude of this unveiling of the glory of God’s Christ will astonish even the most optimistic believers.  Miracles which exceed even the greatest Biblical marvels will cause whole nations to bow before the authority of God’s sons!   The sons of God will speak a word to men, or lay their hand upon them, and the power of God will come upon even the most ignorant, rebellious, or vile of men; they will tremble and shake and break and weep and magnify and glorify God as the revelation of the Christ of God is revealed in their minds and hearts.

Habits and thought patterns and fleshly lusts and demonic bondages will be broken instantly as they are washed clean and made pure by the blood of the Lamb.  The visible glory of the Lord will appear upon multitudes of people, and power will flow out from them to convict, deliver, and transform all who come into their presence.  The cloud and pillar of fire that hovered over Israel in the wilderness will not even compare to the intense presence of the Lord in these days!  Never has the Lord Himself been as personal and intimate with His people as He will be at this time.

Bear this in mind that the whole creation groaning in pain waiting and standing on tiptoe continually, wondering each day what great wonders they will behold.(Roman 8:22).

 Wondrous things await the people of God, things that it is not possible for a man to utter.  We do not know, we may not know all that awaits us.  But enough is known, enough is revealed, to wean us from the things of the earth, from the priorities of religion, from the concerns of time, and fill our souls with rapture on account of the extraordinary vision.  For He hath “made known unto us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He hath purposed in Himself: that in the dispensation of the fullness of times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in Him…that we should be to the praise of His glory…and…that in the ages to come He might show (display through us) the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Jesus Christ” (Eph.1:9-12; 2:7). 

We are now come to the dispensation of the fullness of times!   This dispensation was yet future in Paul’s day, he pointed to it and to the comprehensive work of restoration God would do in it; and we also know it was yet future in Paul’s day because it has never yet come to pass. But it is now upon us with its power and glory!  The world has never yet seen anything like that which shall take place when God’s sons are manifest in this dispensation of the fullness of times!  The transformation of the saints is the next event in the commencement of this Day. Oh Lord my God hasten these words to fulfillment. Amen.

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