Your Concept Of Marriage Is Going To Make or Mar You (part1)

What Does 'Biblical Marriage' Really Mean To us Christian?
Many unmarried ladies believe that marriage is for 100% enjoyment so they’re not prepared to deal with any challenges that pop up. When the purpose of a thing isn’t known, it is abused.
God is the one who created marriage.
Marriage is a service to God. It is hard work.
Having wrong expectations in marriage is very dangerous. When these expectations aren’t met, there will be problems in the marriage.

  Examples of wrong expectations people have in marriage

-Having the mindset that your husband must earn more than you. In this economy, this doesn’t always happen.
-My husband will make me happy, will make me complete. Your happiness depends on you and God. Marriage doesn’t automatically grant happiness.
-“I have to use what I have to get what I want”. Like using your beauty to get a rich man.
-Marrying for political reasons, to strengthen relations between certain “high class” families.
God created woman to be a help meet for man. She is meant to make him better.
Marriage is about love, caring for one another.  Intimacy.

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Things you need in marriage
-In marriage, you have to be patient. Patience is one of the characteristics of love in 1 Cor. 13. There will be trying times in marriage. You have to learn not to be irritable. For this, you need God’s help.
-In marriage, both the man and woman are meant to build each other. Be strong where the other person is weak. This way they can grow together.
-Be one with your spouse. Don’t compare him to other men. Don’t mock him. Love him for who he is, not who he will be.
-Focus on his strengths, not his weaknesses. See his weaknesses as your own and help him overcome them. Support him.
-God made marriage for companionship. You work towards being best friends with your spouse. You protect him and vice versa.
-The purpose of your marriage vow is to train your children to become godly children. Every child raised in a godly home should show off godliness.
-Don’t disrespect or complain about your spouse in public. This will make outsiders to disrespect him/her.
-Your children will be affected by the way you treat your spouse. If you disrespect him(or her), your children might do the same.
 Dr.Oby Nnamani and Dr.Agatha Nzeribe

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